Room Rate


For One- Two Persons – P2500
For Two- Three Persons-
For Three- Four Persons-
For Four- Five Persons- P5500
For Five- Six Persons- P6500
For Six – Seven Persons – P7500

Additional person is P900/night


Day Tour with Lunch at P850/person

Picnic Tour at P450/person ( Bring uour own food )

Camping Tour at P450/person ( Bring your own tent and install it yourself) ( Bring your own food) ( From 4pm till 9am the next day)

Meals for Stay In guests: ( All rates are per person)

Breakfast at P300

Lunch at P750

Dinner at P850

Other Events like Wedding, Seminars, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions Rates variea on the number of  participants and activities. This shall be discussed in advance.



Use of infinitu pool and other areas, depending on their availability on a certain date
Hot/cold water
Aircondition/ Ceiling fan
With Balcony overlooking the mangrove ( some room)
With Kitchen ( some room)



1. Wear only swimwear or rushguard at the pool, No tshirts allowed
2. No food around the pool area
3. There are 2 shower area near the pool to be used before getting in the pool.
4. Mahogany Toilet for male & female to be used during your stay at the pool area.
5. Beach front can be used at any time until 6pm
6. Raft can be used at no cost.
7. Put off your aircon while you are outside the room.
8. One Gallon of water to be provided during your stay.
9. Videoke if you have can only be used until 11pm